What is Triple-S?

Sport spring Squeezer is a spring with two-piece special design handles on both sides that can be easily pressed between two hands. The device can also be placed between two knees, under a foot, or between head and the ground, and pressure can be applied.
There are few things to exercise at home. Triple-S was invented, designed and built to address the need for home appliances that can effectively eliminate the need to attend a gym. Sport spring squeezer is a device that can be replaced with many professional sports equipment of gym at home.
An athlete pressing this device, standing or sitting, only with one small device can engage many muscles, including the arm, forearm, armpit, shoulder, neck, piggyback, chest, abdomen, thigh, groin, buttocks, leg, pelvic floor muscle, and many other muscles. It can be used to reduce fat as well as to mass muscles.

you can not find plenty enough devices for strengthen neck muscles, but by using Triple_s in this way you can strengthen your neck and piggyback muscles.

you can strengthen your pelvic floor muscle and have better sex life.

By using Triple_s in this way you can work on your chest to be bigger (for men) or strengthen the muscle of your chest to have bigger breast( for women.)

Triple-S' Components

Triple-S' Features

Plenty of Flexibility

Triple_s is flexible enough to work out with

Plenty of Stability

Triple_s is plenty stable when it is being used, it will not be scuttled

Plenty of Beauty

Some people even use it in their decoration because it is beautiful

Light to Carry

It is so light and you can carry it everywhere with you

Soft-Cover Handles

Handles are covered by soft fabric pad that when you exercise you feel comfortable

Easy to Take

Triple_S handles are designed so innovative when you do exercise, it will not be disappointed.

360 Degree of Triple-S